Our stories

Douglas Martin


A born entrepreneur, Unlocking Ambition Ambassador Douglas Martin always knew he wanted to start his own business. As he grew up however he developed a strong desire to ensure that, at its core, the business would do something good for the planet.

Calum Haggerty

COCO Chocolatier

For entrepreneur Calum Haggerty, the takeover of luxury chocolate brand COCO Chocolatier in 2013 represented a unique career change.



After growing up in a single-parent household in a rough neighbourhood in Lithuania, Tadas Labudis was determined to change his fortunes. He noticed that all the wealthy people in his town were running their own businesses, so from a very early age he set himself on that path and hasn’t looked back.


MyWay Digital Health

A passion for helping those with diabetes and a realisation that tech could help manage the condition, led Unlocking Ambition Ambassador Debbie Wake on the path to co-founding MyWay Digital Health in 2017.

John Robertson


A sip of a ‘new and different’ beer propelled Rising Star Tech Nation finalist John Robertson from working for Kingfisher lager in London to approaching Innis & Gunn founder Dougal Gunn Sharp for a job in Edinburgh.

Ian Arbuckle


On top of the typical challenges faced by business owners, the Arbuckles, founders of Glasgow-based manufacturer LINIAN, have also had to learn the art of balancing business practices with family relationships. Despite agreeing not to talk shop outside of working hours, the family admits that the distinction between boardroom and dining table can become blurred.

Hannah Fisher

The Start-up Drinks Lab

For The Start-Up Drinks Lab founders Hannah Fisher and Craig Strachan, a stumbling block at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Scott Weir

Pillow Property Partners

The odds might have been stacked against entrepreneur Scott Weir but self-belief helped him on the path to setting up Pillow Property Partners, becoming an Unlocking Ambition Ambassador and winning Small Business Great British Entrepreneur of the Year 2019.

Scott Dickson

Phox Water

Scott Dickson started his career journey at just 19 years old, spending a year as a B2B sales representative for a start-up commercial water supplier. However he soon realised he didn’t want to work for anyone else; he wanted to be his own boss and have the freedom to make decisions and explore ideas.

Jo Halliday

Talking Medicines

Like many entrepreneurs, setting up Talking Medicines was not part of a planned move by CEO and co-founder Jo Halliday, but just a realisation that the corporate world was not for her anymore and that she wanted to do her own thing.