Net Zero Heroes

Unlocking Ambition (UA) is partnering with Dr Stephanie Terreni-Brown, Founder of CleanWaterWave and UA alumni to interview Scottish SME founders to find out what they are doing now, and in the future to help Scotland achieve Net Zero and beyond.

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Sean Kerr

Sean Kerr and Steve McQueen, founders of Sustainable Thinking Scotland

Lockdown was a tough time for most of us. For Sean Kerr and Steve McQueen, lockdown proved pivotal. It crystallised what they had long thought: that poverty was increasing, reliance on food banks rising, and the availability of good quality fresh food for those in crisis pretty much nil.

Scott Dickson

Scott Dickson, CEO and founder of Phox Water

The global bottled water market is worth an estimated $350bn. That’s a lot of money… and it’s also a lot of plastic, the vast majority of which isn’t recycled.

Ash Penley

Ash Penley, co-founder and CEO of ZOEX Power Ltd

We all know that the ocean is mighty powerful, but harnessing that power at scale has eluded the smartest of minds to date. Ash Penley certainly has a smart mind and she also has a product that is doing something quite remarkable with wave energy.

Ally Mitchell

Ally Mitchell, founder and CEO of Ocean Plastic Pots

On the first day of lockdown in 2020, Ally Mitchell was working as a commercial diver on the salvage of the MV Kaami.

Alison Wood

Alison Wood, CEO and co-founder of Floco

Alison has one of the most powerful ‘founder stories’ I’ve ever encountered (and there are a lot of incredible ones out there!).

Gordon Drummond

Dr Gordon Drummond, Managing Director of Craigmyle Estates and creator of the Cairngorm Bothies and Cairngorm Lodges

Dr Drummond has had a remarkable – and remarkably varied – career. For twenty years, as a Charted Engineer, he’s been at the forefront of subsea technology and innovation based in the UK’s oil and gas hub, Aberdeen. Yet for the past ten years, he’s worn an additional hat, that of tourism developer in rural Aberdeenshire. And it’s this that now takes his full attention, as the developer of the UK’s first fully off-grid luxury bothies.

Paul Easto

Paul Easto, founder and CEO of Wilderness Scotland

Paul has run Wilderness Scotland for the past 20 years and he has built something truly special: one of the UK’s most successful domestic tourism companies that has found its niche in offering bespoke and curated adventures for those that have a love for the great outdoors.

Celia Davies

Celia Davies, co-founder and CEO of Omanos Analytics

Omanos Analytics is a company that is doing something that, most likely, most of us won’t have a clue about – they use satellite data about the planet (‘Earth observation data’, or simply ‘EO’) to understand changing conditions on land and sea. They work with communities and charities to help validate issues where environmental and social injustices have occurred.