Net Zero Heroes

Unlocking Ambition (UA) is partnering with Dr Stephanie Terreni-Brown, Founder of CleanWaterWave and UA alumni to interview Scottish SME founders to find out what they are doing now, and in the future to help Scotland achieve Net Zero and beyond.

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Sean Kerr

Sean Kerr and Steve McQueen, founders of Sustainable Thinking Scotland

“It’s not a food waste problem, it’s about food poverty.” STS was founded on the principle of providing great quality, freshly grown veg to those who would otherwise never be able to afford it. Find out more about how they have been able to support their local community in tackling food poverty in a sustainable manner.

Scott Dickson

Scott Dickson, CEO and founder of Phox Water

“Our mission is single use plastic reduction through hydration products.” The Phox Water filter was inspired by the need to reduce plastic but also by Scott’s love of filtered water. Find out more about Scott’s desire to tackle greenwashing and develop a fully circular water filter where there is no waste at all.

Ash Penley

Ash Penley, co-founder and CEO of ZOEX Power Ltd

“Everybody wants clean, but everybody also wants something that makes sense financially.” ZOEX is decentralising wave power and harnessing it for off grid purposes at sea. Find out more about Ash’s passion for the ocean and the environment and her belief in Scotland’s role in supporting sustainable business.

Ally Mitchell

Ally Mitchell, founder and CEO of Ocean Plastic Pots

“Just because it’s expensive, doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing.” From their first prototypes at Leith Market, to winning Sustainable Product of the Year at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Ocean Plastic Pots are gathering quite the clientele. Find out more about their impact in creating a circular economy product for the consumer market.

Alison Wood

Alison Wood, CEO and co-founder of Floco

“This is our mission, these are our people, and this is how we are talking to you.” With a global mission in mind, Floco set out to develop a reusable sanitary pad for the UK market while supporting low income women to be both entrepreneurial and access quality, period products. Find out more on how they have developed a product which delivers for their customers while addressing their environmental expectations.

Gordon Drummond

Dr Gordon Drummond, Managing Director of Craigmyle Estates and creator of the Cairngorm Bothies and Cairngorm Lodges

“I saw that society was changing and the consumers are more demanding that products are Net Zero.” The Cairngorm Bothies and Cairngorm Lodges offer visitors the chance to enjoy rural Scotland at its best – mountainous, forested, and utterly beautiful. Find out more about how Craigmyle Estates has looked to cater for the Net Zero consumer who wants to factor in their environmental impact.

Paul Easto

Paul Easto, founder and CEO of Wilderness Scotland

“We are about providing people a great holiday but want to share our passion for the spirit, inspiration and value of wild places.” Wilderness Scotland has found its niche in offering bespoke and curated adventures for those that have a love for the great outdoors. Find out more about their current comprehensive carbon foot-printing analysis that encompasses their internal and external operations and lessons for other companies.

Celia Davies

Celia Davies, co-founder and CEO of Omanos Analytics

“A growing number of people are interested in doing business in a climate sensitive way and investing in those who do.” Omanos Analytics are using satellite date about changing conditions on land and sea to validate issues where environmental and social injustices have occurred. Find out more about the growing demand for data, and the risks involved when business ignore their environmental impact.